Art by Kirralee Fisher
Oren Leibowitz - Tuesday      Paperback - Dec 2018
by Rosemary Hector (Author), Kirralee Fisher (Illustrator) 

It's an ordinary, chilly Tuesday in Edinburgh. Oren shivers and pulls his scarf tight over his chin. His scarf is very important to him. There’s Stephen, probably looking for trouble. Oren seems to annoy him. Why? Is it because he’s different? How will Oren cope with Stephen today?​​

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Suitable for children in upper primary

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Questions for discussion
Why is Oren's scarf so important to him?

Oren’s mother used the word ‘nonchalant’ to describe how Oren should act in front of Stephen. Do you think this is good advice?
Oren remembers a mulberry tree from home, and today he learns about the rowan tree in Scotland. Do you have a favourite tree? Can you describe it? Why is it special to you?
Why do you think Oren’s mother kept asking him about the packed lunches the other children brought to school?
Oren observes his world and he thinks a lot. He grew up speaking a different language before he came to Scotland although his mother speaks English. How do you know this? What do you think might happen to the grasp Oren has on the language he used when he was younger?
Do you think Oren enjoyed break times?
Oren refers to the Centre. What do you think the Centre is? 
Do you agree with Oren’s Opa who has said that ‘Peace starts with a smile’?
Stephen is a bully. How do you recognise this? He and Oren are not using swords, of course, but on the bus, Oren remembered a move his father had taught him during sword play. What was the move? Do you think this is a good approach when dealing with a bully?
How many differences between Oren’s home and Scotland can you identify in the story?  Why do you think the person at the Centre suggested Oren said ‘It’s a long story’ when asked for his story? 
When, and to whom do you think Oren would tell his story of how he came to Scotland?

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       Illustration Gallery
a few of the book illustrations by Kirralee Fisher

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  1. Opa's Mulberry Tree
    Opa's Mulberry Tree
  2. Oren's Sweeties
    Oren's Sweeties
  3. Oren's Rowan Tree
    Oren's Rowan Tree
  4. School of Wasps
    School of Wasps