Art by Kirralee Fisher

Artist Statement
My work investigates how to turn everyday elements into the fantastical. I am interested in storytelling and like to imagine daydreams that people or characters may have to dispel the ordinariness or stresses of everyday life. Where possible and relevant, I like to inject a sense of humour into my work.

I am a big fan of wildlife. I am fascinated by their ability to inspire, give a comforting presence, astonish with the incredible variation in their forms and to provide another dimension as I watch their antics and interaction with each other, with people and with the built and natural environments. I also have ecological and philosophical concerns regarding wildlife. In particular, why do we glorify some animals and denigrate others as pests and scavengers? If there is an imbalance in biodiversity, resulting in “pests”, should we look more closely at our own role in this occurrence? This is why wildlife, in particular, the unglorified urban animal or insect is often the key motif in my work.
Aesthetically, my illustrations and paintings are very much inspired by the historic and contemporary art practice of Surrealism, together with Western Medieval art traditions, including egg tempera, bestiaries and a wonderful and strange sense of humour. More recently, I have been inspired by the possibilities that both spraypaint and digital art have to offer and I have used these mediums for my latest work.
Education & Qualifications
2017-2018,  Diploma in Illustrating Children's Books (Distinction), London Art College UK
2011-2014,  Bachelor of Arts (Painting), Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh UK
2009-2010,  Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design), Leith School of Art, Edinburgh UK
Short Courses
July 2018, Street Art Techniques Workshop, Jody Thomas, Bristol UK​​

September 2017, Introduction to Concept Art and Illustration, CG Spectrum College of Digital Art and Animation, Melbourne Australia (Mentor Fabrizio Bortolussi)

January 2016, Two Traditions of Icon Painting with Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova, Melbourne Australia

June 2013, Certificate in Botanical Illustration, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK
July 2014, Digital Print on Tile Installation, 5230x3590mm,
Canal Point Student Accommodation, West Tollcross, Edinburgh
​November 2017, Beaverhall Open Studios, Edinburgh
November 2016, Beaverhall Open Studios, Edinburgh
September 2015, Straffe Artists Contest 2015 Edition
August 2014, the artist writing room at e.c.a., Edinburgh College of Art
March 2014, Side Salad Third Year Exhibition, St Margaret's House, Edinburgh
March 2013, MIDL Second Year Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art
April 2012, First Year Students' End of Year Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art
June 2010, Students' End of Year Exhibition, Leith School of Art, Edinburgh
Dec 2009, Students' Christmas Exhibition, Leith School of Art, Edinburgh
Dec 2008, Students' Christmas Exhibition, Leith School of Art, Edinburgh    

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